Please add an expense category for Pool Service

Hi there, we live in Arizona and have rental properties with swimming pools. We include Pool service, so every month we incur pool service expenses.

Wish: Can you please add a category for Pool service?

Currently, we put it under “gardening” but we also incur specific gardening and landscaping expenses, so this approach commingles gardening and pool service. I have even thought about putting it under they’re clearing snow category, as we have no snow. Please help.

Thank you for building such a great product.


I would like to upvote this. I have a hot tub which can be quite expensive to repair when it goes down. I would like this to be its own category instead of having to lump it in with “Gardening and Landscaping Expenses” or “Other” as a subcategory under “Repairs and Maintenance”.

Thank you!


I put it under cleaning and janitorial, however agree I would like to have pool service separate as well as a pool option under repairs for when repair/replace something.


Agreed! Another Arizonan here with multiple pool properties. Monthly service and occasional repairs don’t fit anywhere neatly.


agree that Pool Service needs it’s own category.

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Good news! As of today, we’ve added a “Pool & Spa” sub-category under “Repairs & Maintenance.” Note that this option is for maintenance expenses, not major equipment replacement or capital items. Those should continue to be placed under “Capital Expenses” or “Capital Expenses > Renovations” (in consultation with your CPA).

Enjoy and thanks to all who voted for this request!