Property valuation, missing Zestimate / Zillow option

I seem to only get the option to enter a custom valuation (manual value entry). i dont see the calculated and Zillow options anywhere. What’s the trick here?

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@skyhausnet Apologies for the slow reply here. Please open a 1:1 support ticket and send us a link to the appropriate Zillow page so we can investigate your specific issue.

Zestimates are provided for all properties when available, but sometimes there is a lag in the database being updated for certain condos, new construction, etc. We can often resolve this issue on the back end when provided with the URL of the valid Zillow page.

I am having a similar issue, but it’s not exactly the same. Zestimate simply doesn’t show up as an option for viewing my newest property, despite the fact that it’s plainly on Zillow.