Reconciling bank vs stessa split transactions

When trying to reconcile bank vs stessa transactions, it is difficult because split transactions in Stessa are listed separately. The bank shows one transaction, Stessa shows multiple. It would be nice if you could show split transactions as just a single total that we can match up to the bank. Thanks


I agree. First day using Stessa and I could see this being an issue.

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I am having the same issue… .for now, I’m making sure to upload the receipt for the total expense (so I have something to refer to for questionable entries) and taking an extra step to notate the total invoice amount in the front of the notes for each entry. So far, it has been helpful But, would sure appreciate a group of the split items. My primary reason to split expenses is categorizing. And it works ok for now. However, I can see this could become an issue while reconciling property expenses (for several properties on 1 receipt) from a personal account for tax purposes.

I hope this comes to top of your list soon. This is a powerful tool not just for tracking but also for tax accounting. Thanks!

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