Splitting an actual loan payment into component parts breaks the Pro Forma dashboard comparison

When I classify tax and insurance as transfers and look at my dashboard the NET CASH FLOW (ACTUAL) is above the NET CASH FLOW (PRO FORMA). Shouldn’t those two always lineup if you’re accounting correctly? Since you’re not currently set up to store the actual escrow amounts on a pro forma basis, the pro forma calculation simply includes the entire mortgage payment amount (inclusive of escrows).

I have the same question as well. To add to it - even when the escrow disbursements for tax, insurance, etc do hit - if they are not monthly (most are not) then you get artificially high actuals most of the year, and artificially low actuals in the months when the disbursements hit. I guess you could override the bank transactions and amortize escrow disbursements over the course of the year, but seems to defeat the purpose of using a bank connected tool. open to suggestions or guidance on the intended way to use the system. thanks!