Tenant directory report with contact info

I wish Stessa offered a report listing all tenants and their corresponding unit number, phone number, and email address. This would help transfer contact information to a new owner upon sale or to a caretaker onsite. What do you think?

Other helpful features could be a “notes” field for garage/storage assignments or car year/make/model details.

Thanks so much!

Stessa has two different Notes fields you can use on Leases & Tenants. One is called “Unit Notes” and is for the physical unit (e.g. last time you repaired the water heater, garage/storage assignment if they are fixed to the unit). The other field is called “Tenancy Notes” and is great for things like car year/make/model, pet breeds/names, emergency contact, etc. When a new tenant moves in, the Unit Notes stay the same, but you can enter new Tenancy Notes for the new tenant. Check it out and let us know if you have any other questions.

We are working to update the Rent Roll Report to include the notes, phone numbers, and email addresses. Stay tuned!

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