How do I retrieve data from a prior tenant

How do I retrieve last years past tenant data? Isn’t it archived somewhere? I have a new tenant in that unit and can’t figure out how or where to save previous tenants info. Or is it gone once you add a new tenant in that unit?

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Not sure I have the complete answer but I was working on the same thing. I have a unit that just went vacant. First time since I started using stessa. When I click “Leases and Tenants” on the menu on the left, it brings up a list of my properties and the tenants. For the vacant property there is just a dash ("–") for the tenant. When I click on that dash, it shows my a screen with the current tenancy (vacant). If I scroll down, I can see the information for my previous tenant. I hope this helps.

Agree. It would be useful to archive old tenant information.

Thank you for responding. I thought I did archive it but I can’t find it! When I deleted the tenant info to free up for new tenant, I thought it asked if I wanted to archive it. Where do I find the archived info or if I deleted the info accidentally is it gone for good?