Tracking past tenants and prior leases via the rent roll

Currently if you increase the rent on a property it changes the calculations forward and backward in time. It would be nice if you could track increases in rent through time instead of only as a single snapshot.


big +1 on this one. it would be great if leases were a historical record, not just a snapshot of the current state. As OP mentioned, when one lease expires and the information for the new lease is update, all historical financials go wonky because the pro-forma now reflects the latest lease information. Being able to keep documents and records associated with a particular lease would be a huge benefit.

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Definitely agree that this would be useful. In fact, I just assumed that it would be possible and I spent a long time looking for how to add a new rent amount with a set of applicable dates before I finally gave up and posted a question to chat.
I imagine this would be applicable to several of the numerical values/assumptions (that they would be multi-valued and time-bounded as opposed to a single value) but rent is the most obvious and necessary one. I’d love to see that addition.

+1 to this. Surprised it’s not a function of the program