Track rent payments manually without affecting transactions?

I want to track my tenant’s payments manually as they come in and keep track of their rental data, but when the bank statements come in as rental income (in lump sums), rental payments are now showing as double as what they actually should be, and there’s no way to allocate the lump sum payments for more than one property. Is there a way to prevent the manually reported income from registering towards my actual reported income if I’m merging with my bank account? Or can I track both but only have one recorded as actual income?

@smagyar13 I may be misunderstanding the setup, so please forgive me if my response doesn’t address the issue. I purposely do not link financial accounts to specific properties for this reason. I will import some account transactions (I dislike the mortgage accounts) and select “None” for property link. This queues up the transactions under “Needs Review” transaction tab where I manually assign the transactions I want to keep. Discard the rest. Hope that helps.