Transaction categories: Enable Uncategorized/Needs Review option

Once a transaction is categorized (manually or automatically by Stessa) there’s no way to move the transaction back into Uncategorized/Choose Category/Needs Review status. This would be helpful for transactions that I want to make sure to review again prior to adding to the books, or transactions that I’d like to ask my bookkeeper/CPA about. Thank you!


100% would love this option!

I sometimes accidentally categorize a transaction by clicking too soon, and would like to come back to it later, but then I need to make a mental note since I cannot mark it as “uncategorized” again.


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Totally agree, needs something that maybe is a checkmark or something that says I have confirmed the transaction so I dont have to remember which ones I need to come back and review

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Stessa is an amazing tool! Thank you to all involved in developing it! I am adding my vote to have the ability to uncategorize or flag a transaction for further review. It would be extremely helpful!


Would LOVE to see this option added

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Adding in a Needs Review option is already being tracked under a different thread: Ability to flag transactions for further review – Please follow the link and vote for the original post to register your support.

Mods: please close this thread

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