When splitting a transaction, the top of sub-category is out-of-view with no way to access sub-categories at top

This problem just started since I last categorized transactions a few days ago. I use a laptop, and thus have a smaller screen. When splitting transactions, depending on where that line is in the window, after choosing the category, the top of the sub-category is sometimes displayed ABOVE (out-of-view) the window pane, with no way to move it or scroll to it. To work around it, I have to choose a different sub-category and make a note to fix it after I get back to the main transactions entry page.

@lance.b.gatrell I understand that frustration. In the meantime, attempt to zoom out to make everything smaller. These should be the necessary steps depending on laptop brand and browser:

To zoom out in a browser, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS: Press and hold Ctrl and then press -
  • Mac: Press and hold Command and then press -