1099-INT from Cash Management accounts for taxes?

I’ve been using the Cash Management accounts within Stessa.
My accounts have accumulated interest through 2023.
Where can I find the 1099-INT for each of my Cash Management accounts for 2023 tax purposes?

Solid question. Don’t think I have received any either. As long as you capture the interest as revenue in Stessa, which happens automatically, your CPA would have record of it. With that said, I think Stessa is obligated to send 1099-INTs for any interest paid over $10 though they may be covered by a different set of IRS rules that increases that threshold to $600.

I’m hoping they will provide a 1099-INT because… uh… I seemed to have deleted some of the “Stessa Interest” transactions a while ago without thinking about it… :tired_face: :cold_sweat: - otherwise, since I can’t undelete them (I did that more than 30 days ago) - not sure how I can figure out the Interest I received through 2023 on each of my Stessa Cash Management accounts :sob:

Again this goes back to one of my old feature requests to “ignore/archive” transactions. They aren’t deleted, but they stay within the system - similar to Archive vs Delete in Gmail. I’d much rather Archive/Ignore than Delete because… stuff like this happens… (yes I know it’s extra data Stessa has to keep in the database but…)

Maybe another option is the inability to delete transactions that are specific to the Stessa Cash Management accounts - because I guess it’s like being able to delete your own Checking or Savings account transaction records at a bank… ?? Maybe that shouldn’t be allowed??

I’m lookin for my 1099-INT too (and deleted my interest transactions).

My 1099-INTs are available under documents tab


I do have 1099s from my Property Manager (who I’ve integrated with via AppFolio - so all documents from them appear in Stessa) but I don’t have the 1099-INTs from Stessa for the interest earned on the Cash Management accounts.
I got an email that they needed my TIN/SSN - so I gave that to them over the phone, and they said it would be available within a few days as they work on generating them.
(That was a week ago and I still have not gottem then yet though)

Finally got a 1099-INT from Stessa (Actually, Blue Ridge Bank).

I assume for those of you who did get them, you ALSO got one from Thread Bank (since we moved over in Nov 2023) - assuming you did make more than $10 in your account(s) after transferring to Thread?