Want to be able to write paper checks from Cash Management accounts

Stessa makes it very hard to pay bills from the Cash Management Accounts. This would make it easier.


I just ordered from checksforless.com with the acct #, routing # and the proper bank name. Sent first check on Friday… will let you know if/when it clears.

It would be nice to have a bill pay ability from the cash management accounts. Without it I just end up transferring them all to real useful accounts.

The cash accounts in stessa enable me to collect ACH rents, but after that it is a pain in the #$% to get to the funds.

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Wow… did this work?
Let us know! I’d be super interested to know!

It did not. And I got hit for bad check fee.

Stessa needs to figure this one out pronto.

Yes, and I got hit with a bad check fee too.

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Any update when we’ll be able to order checks for disbursements from our Stessa Cash Mgmt accounts? This is pretty important


Paper checks are NOT currently supported with Stessa Cash Management. This is a feature enhancement that we plan to add in the future.


When will this be put in place? I am getting tired of transferring (with a daily limit of $1500) to real bank accounts in order to pay bills. This is sub optimal.

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It will NOT work. I did this and my checks got returned with a fee. So frustrating

Is there a timeframe for adding checkwriting or at least to set-up bill payment from Stessa (push) vs. pull when we simply provide routing & account info to someone we need to pay?

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This is supposed to be supported with the new bank but there’s been no update from Stessa on the timing. This feature is DESPERATELY needed!

Supposedly you just need to order 3rd party checks with the current routing/account numbers and it should work. Stessa themselves do not provide the checks. That is what I was told by Stessa (I have not purchased checks myself yet)