Cash Management features, Stessa checking accounts

Can you please set me up with the Beta for cash management feature?

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log into your account its on the bottom left of the screen

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I emailed and asked to be added to the list - They did not respond to my post in the forums, but they did reply to my email.

Pass the message along to others! :slight_smile:

Hi, does the cash management feature allow one checking account per LLC or is it possible to get one checking account per property?

The Cash Management beta is currently closed and these features will soon be available to all customers. [See May 2022 update below regarding availability of Cash Management features]

Checking accounts will soon be available for individuals and entities and can be opened entirely online, often in just a few minutes. You will be limited to three (3) unfunded accounts, but can have as many funded accounts as you like: one for each entity, portfolio, or even separate accounts for each property.

I tried to open a support ticket but no one has responded in over 24 hours. I set up a cash management account and had two rent payments successfully deposited in to it. The issue is that I can’t seem to use that money - I set it up to pay a bill and the charge bounced. I also used it to pay a mortgage and while it has not been reversed on their end yet, the cash management account is still showing the full amount of both rent deposits. Is anyone else having this issue?

@sscogin I believe we’ve now resolved the issues you were having with Cash Management, but please let us know via the 1:1 support thread if not!

I did not get any notifications that we are able to receive rent payments via Stessa. I have had so many issues with the cash management app and the response rate from the support team is terrible.

Stessa checking accounts are now available to all via the Cash Management page. Please open 1:1 support tickets as needed if you have questions about the application process or anything else related to our new banking features.