All Accounts Dissapeared

On Friday all my accounts in Stessa Cash Management disappeared. A substantial amount of money just not accessible and I’m not clear how to access it. In addition all my utilities. mortgages, and other auto-draft expenses were linked to those cash management accounts. Is this an isolated incident or are others experiencing this? Online live chat, emails, and voicemails have been left completely unanswered by Stessa. This is a gross negligence of responsibility by Stessa and I’m pretty desperate for a solution. Any suggestions?

I posted a similar situation. Stessa inexplicably closed my cash management account, and it took 2 days for them to respond via chat/email (after repeatedly sending until I got a response). They said they’ll be mailing a check with my funds from the closed account, which sounds ok. However, this is not a good look from them, and I’m very skeptical until my funds come in. Also, I had to create another cash management account and it was approved. However, now, I can’t even see my closed cash management account (prior it was there but said “Closed”).

I had multiple accounts closed with substantial amounts of money, I was also told I would receive a check, as they would not send a wire or transfer to a new account and I still have not received my money! I now have a house under contract and need access to my funds. Stessa hasn’t responded in weeks. Help!