Cash account been closed

I have been using Stessa for managing my rental properties several months without issue, my cash account was suddenly closed by Stessa, while my tenants still sending rents to my cash account. I had emailed them according to explanation is they were trying to contact me while I was abroad for 3 weeks and not able to take the call, so they decides to simply closed my cash account, my tenant at the same time still sending rent to this account, but I am not able to get the money, I contacted them several times they promise they will send me the checks two times but I did not receive any check in any address. What can I do?

Did you do the banking upgrade?

How to upgrade? will that resolve my cash account closure? Stessa support now is not replying to my email after I told them I did not receive check and ask them which address they mailed the physical checks. thx

Yeah, there were emails that explained things and notices placed within the app itself. One email was sent on 11/1/23. You had to choose between upgrading or getting your cash management accounts closed. If you didn’t take any action, they’d close out your old accounts and mail you a check within 30-60 days. Not sure what’s the process now that the deadline has passed and your accounts were closed. Is there an option under the ‘cash management’ tab to open new accounts?

My cash accounts was closed in September way before Nov, they emailed me saying they were calling me but I did not pick up call, but none of list phone received the we are different reasons here. They also said they will mail the checks but no check received despite they said mailed twice. Then I ask them what is physical address they mailed the check, they don’t reply any more!!

I never received my check. Anyone else with the same issues?