No Reply from Stessa

Anyone having trouble getting a reply back from Stessa? I’ve had two tenants have difficulty making payments through Stessa… I reached out to Stessa on October 2. I didn’t hear till October 4, which just said “we’re looking into this…” Since then, I’ve sent 3 follow ups and nothing. My tenants have resorted to paying via Zelle. I think this type of question warrants a more immediate answer.


Its been a challenge.

This exact same thing is going on with my account as well. I updated one of my tenant’s monthly rent, which prompted them to apparently put in all their bank information again. I’ve been getting failed rent notices from them, and any attempt to reach out to support has gone unanswered. I have a pro account and it has been several days with multiple attempts to get this resolved. It makes me worried that this company is about to collapse.

Thanks for the information, I have been thinking of transferring the payment management from and RentRedi to Stessa, but after reading this I think I will wait… .or not do it at all.

I have bee having the same issue. Several of my tenants could either not link to the App or got failed rent, they have also resorted to Zelle.

I am not getting replies either. It started out good when I first joined as a PRO but now I cannot even start a new message thread, that option is gone. And if I reply on an old/existing thread I am not getting responses. I may be left with no choice but to cancel and leave this platform. But there are a lot I like about it.

Having the same issue and am curious if they are still functioning as a business and if my funds are accessible.

I apologize for the delays.

We hear you, and we appreciate your patience regarding our recent longer reply times. Our team is actively addressing these issues and implementing strategies to enhance our response efficiency. Your understanding and support mean a lot as we work to provide you with the best experience.

Thank you for being part of our community!

same. I have reached out several times spanning I think 2 weeks and I still cannot get a response. I need help setting up bank accounts and they wont respond. Making me rethink using this platform

This is really not good for business… apart from problems with tenants paying through Stessa, several bank transactions are not reflecting in Stessa. We’ve relied on this platform to generate PNL reports to show lenders but the reports are not inaccurate! A momentary glitch is understandable but the amount of time this is taking to resolve and the lack of communication from Stessa is eroding our confidence. It’s too bad, the concept is very good -if it worked. We’re planning on switching everything to Quick Books :frowning:

I’m having issues with the DocuSign app. I’ve had some documents signed before without any issues. But I’m setting up a new tenant for a new lease and after I sent out the lease to get signed, I try to check status and it takes me to an empty page. I doesn’t show anything and I cant see if the tenants have signed or not. This is super frustrating and I can’t get any response from Stessa after 3 days, which makes it even worse.

@chrismacquisitions I’ve been having the same issues

This site has not support. I signed up recently hoping to love it. 4 months of transactions not accounted for. Just a blank hole. No apparent way to fix it and no response from support. I think this site is in trouble and I worry that I gave them my bank login. Luckily for only 1 account as a test. Scary though.

Stessa is a nightmare.

Thanks Victor, that was Dec 2023 and quite a few very basic things are broken.

Verification to get money in and out is seriously broken for calls/SMS. It’s very hard to have Stessa as a business partner if it breaks cash flow/payables, and it’s not helping.