Stessa Support No Longer Responding

I have a few bank account connections that have broken. I know this isn’t unusual, but I’m no longer getting any responses from anyone to try and resolve it, or even to set up a connection using account numbers so I can do a direct ACH transfer. I got an initial response on one ticket, responded very quickly, and then haven’t gotten anything since. That was last week and I’ve followed up several times, still no response. Anyone else having similar issues?

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My bank connections been broke aver a month, seems about every time they require a password change the sign in credentials are unaccepted, got an email response they would contact yodlee about the situation and still no help fixing the connection, might be time to find a different rental accounting software company if this persists.

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I am in a similar situation; still no response from last week…

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Did anyone ever get a reply? I am going to have to change softwares then

@jocelynpaonita I submitted a bug report to them on 1/7/24 and received a response from 1/9/24. It wasn’t related to banking connections. Just to share a datapoint with you:

Thank you for forwarding this information, I will now send it along to our product team.

We are very backlogged at this time, so we are working through tickets first and then will make our way over to the forums. Most of the issues are resolved over the tickets even though you do not see a response on the forums.

I do have a ticket open with our engineers on this issue.

They’re clearly understaffed, which is disappointing to say the least.

I will add my own comments that I discourage the connections for banking, credit cards, and mortgage accounts. It’s wonderful to automate, I get that. However, I discourage this because some of the data may come across wrong and you may not catch the issue. One example, my mortgage escrow account issued a payment from them, the bank, to the insurance company. The number was reported by them as a positive number. This was picked up by Stessa and was tagged as income. Wasn’t Stessa’s fault. If I wasn’t watching, I would have inadvertently paid taxes on that “payment”. Therefore, I do manually bookkeeping for myself and all of my landlord clients. I want to see invoices, receipts, and statements. That’s it, no automatic connections.


I’m done with these software. Its a joke. My connections are all jacked this year and now I’m going to have to scramble to get my taxes done another way.