Pro Features and Accelerated Rent Payments

I signed up for Pro and using the rent payment feature. Had a tenant pay rent on 2/23 and its been 5 days and the payment is still pending. Please explain lead time for “accelerated” rent payment vs. standard.


Agree. seeing the “accelerated payement” all over without providing any specifics as to when to expect the rent (available to use) in the bank account.


It has been 7 days and counting that the Tenant rent payment has not hit my account.


Any resolve or feedback from the Stessa team as to why this is taking so long. I am encountering the same issue. It’s showing in the transaction section, but is not in the cash management.


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I’m experiencing the same issue. What have you guys been doing in the mean time? I’ve sent an email to the stessa team. I’m waiting to hear back on what the differences are.

The slow rent processing seems kind of ridiculous and makes me not want to use this application.

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Yes the system is very slow! I had a tenant pay rent on 6/29 and I am still waiting for it to process!

In the mean time I have not heard from Stessa!

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Same with my mobile check deposits

1 Like takes 4-5 days as well. It is the norm.

Has anyone actually had Stessa respond or gotten a resolution?

Zillow Rental Manager is several days hang time as well- but they don’t market it as Accelerated Payments, like Stessa does. I’m wondering if this “feature” was more vaporware than anything- especially with no response to very basic questions.