Pro Features and Accelerated Rent Payments

I signed up for Pro and using the rent payment feature. Had a tenant pay rent on 2/23 and its been 5 days and the payment is still pending. Please explain lead time for “accelerated” rent payment vs. standard.


Agree. seeing the “accelerated payement” all over without providing any specifics as to when to expect the rent (available to use) in the bank account.


It has been 7 days and counting that the Tenant rent payment has not hit my account.


Any resolve or feedback from the Stessa team as to why this is taking so long. I am encountering the same issue. It’s showing in the transaction section, but is not in the cash management.


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I’m experiencing the same issue. What have you guys been doing in the mean time? I’ve sent an email to the stessa team. I’m waiting to hear back on what the differences are.

The slow rent processing seems kind of ridiculous and makes me not want to use this application.


Yes the system is very slow! I had a tenant pay rent on 6/29 and I am still waiting for it to process!

In the mean time I have not heard from Stessa!


Same with my mobile check deposits

1 Like takes 4-5 days as well. It is the norm.

Has anyone actually had Stessa respond or gotten a resolution?

Zillow Rental Manager is several days hang time as well- but they don’t market it as Accelerated Payments, like Stessa does. I’m wondering if this “feature” was more vaporware than anything- especially with no response to very basic questions.

did you ever get a response? I also signed up for Pro expecting faster processing speeds for the rental income, yet I had a tenant pay on 11/30 that still hasn’t processed yet by 12/7.

Venmo can transfer funds in a day or two, why can’t Stessa / Thread bank keep up?

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No. Maybe the new bank Thread will be faster.

not any faster for me. It took 7 days for the rent to finally show up on my cash account. Tenant sent payment on the 1st of the month. I have the pro membership.

I hope this message finds you well. I want to address a recent issue that some of you may have experienced regarding delayed processing times for payments and transfers during our recent banking migration.

We understand that the delay has caused inconvenience for some members of our community, and for that, we sincerely apologize.

If you have any specific concerns or if there are lingering issues related to delayed payments or transfers, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at We are here to assist you and address any individual cases that may require further attention.

I setup rent collection just so it can send reminders and automate late fees, but actually instruct my tenants to Zelle the payment. This feature is that ugly and I avoid it like plague.

In the starting, I tried to use it and wasted 50$ because of returned payment fees from my mortgage company - I could not time correctly how long Stessa will take and setting up autopay with that kind of service turned out to be poor decision.

I want to help clarify the timeline for rent payments and the processing period involved.

When initiating transfers, rent payments, or mobile check deposits into your Cash Management account, please note that these transactions typically take up to 5 business days for Essentials users to process and settle into your Cash Management account, or 3 business days if you have a Stessa Pro account.

If you make transfer requests after the 1 pm EST cut-off time or on weekends (Saturday or Sunday), these requests will be considered initiated on the following business day when our services are operational.

Our business days span from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

Should you have any inquiries about the duration for specific transactions to appear in your account or you are experiencing a wait time in surplus of the specified time frames above, please don’t hesitate to contact our support department. We’re here to offer additional insights and clarity on when the count of “Business Days” commenced for your transaction.

We hope to enhance our services for transfers, rent payments, and deposits in the future. Any forthcoming improvements to this Stessa feature will be communicated to keep you informed.


@victor If I look at any of my cash management accounts on my Stessa pro and click on “View limits” they all show a “ACH Transfer Hold Time 5 business days”. This seems to contradict what you said in this post from 2 days ago of “Cash Management account, or 3 business days if you have a Stessa Pro account.”

I just generated a new checking “add additional account” to see if it had something to do with timing of when I would have purchase Stessa Pro for the first time vs when I had not and the new account also shows the 5 day ACH holding time.

I just checked my 2 seperate stessa pro accounts, one of them shows 3 day ACH holds and the other one shows 5 day ACH holds. So Im guessing there could be a bug? Could some people have stessa pro accounts that aren’t being treated with 3 day holds when they should be? Victor I emailed you pictures of the 5 day hold vs 3 day hold setting difference between my 2 stessa acounts.

Update on my message, I contacted support and they updated mine to show the 3 days

Even though you say it is 3 days, I actually see the rent only on 4th day morning 11 AM Central (9 AM Eastern), not on 3rd day EOD. Unfortunately, any ACH debits (like mortgage company) happens on 7 AM Eastern and get declined if there was not enough payment.

I had a situation where rent got credit but ACH autopay was declined, all on same day, bcz of this time difference