Help! Unable to Setup Rent Collection

Asking the community for help because I have been waiting a week for Stessa response on other issues… hoping it’s just the holidays.

I’m setting up rent collection for the first time. By all appearances, I have successfully created the cash management account (through Thread Bank) and linked it to the property. When I try to click the button for “Set Up Rent Collection”, it just takes me back through the steps of creating an account… which doesn’t work because I already have an account.

I’m stuck with an account, but no way to send the invitation to my new tenants. I’m starting to look a little foolish… please help!

@tndmproperties :frowning: it’s not because of the holidays, sorry. They barely respond and if they do, it’s slow.

How long ago did you set up the account? Even though you went through the creation process, is it possible that the bank is still actually creating the account and has not confirmed it with Stessa?

When I click the set up rent collection button (under the tenants section), I immediately get this pop up window.


Try changing browsers and make sure popups are enabled (disable popup blockers). You might also try clearing your browser cache, logging out of Stessa, and trying again.

How to clean internet browser cache

Hope that helps. Good luck.


@tlatuga - Thank you for the response! I suspect it had something to do with the waiting period before submitting my request and it getting completely accepted? Regardless, I was able to wait it out and things straightened up. After that, adding other accounts (for other properties) was much smoother.