Zelle & Billpay features ETA

@devin - can we get some idea of ETA for Billpay and Zelle features?

There are some lengthy threads about both and I know they’re in works but it would be nice to have some sort of an idea on timeline… will it happen this quarter, year, beyond?

I’ve taken the plunge and am attempting to use Stessa PRO as our primary banking but unfortunately without billpay and Zelle I can’t pay the city, contractors, and others that I need to pay ad hoc and on a recurring basis.

Venmo does work as an electronic payment service but unfortunately not everyone takes it.


I’m having the same issues, banks wont link or update. I’ve reached out to customer service was given the same response. Unfortunately we just switched to Pro this year, so i’m not very impressed.


I agree

I also have ran into lots of issues with only being able to pay $1500 per day. I had to pay my contractor for a bathroom remodel and I couldnt!

you can request the limits get increased to $6 or $10K per day. It’s really frustrating to have limits in place, definitely doesn’t give you a good feeling for the stability of the institution but that’s where it’s at.


Can we please get an update on Zelle and Billpay features? I’m not sure how I’m suppose to refund a security deposit to a tenant? How am I suppose to get money out of a stessa account to return to tenants.

I still haven’t cut the cord from my business account at Chase for this very reason and I’m getting slightly annoyed of needing to transfer funds to Chase each time I need to send a billpay and or Zelle


i’m in the same boat- it’s pretty rough for something that could be so great.

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Agree, really happy with most of it but without billpay and Zelle it’s falling short on financial mgmt aspect big time.

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Yes, same here, I keep an account open with BofA for the exact reasons mentioned above. I would like to not have to do that at some point. I’ve expressed my interest via chatting that I would like Zelle to be an option but I only received a response about contributing to this forum to voice my opinion.

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Yep, hopefully enough people express interest that they make it happen. I need both zelle and billpay because some city bills (e.g. Health permits, fire permits, etc) are old fashion and won’t do zelle. Also my gardeners and a few others prefer paper checks and those are great to automate monthly via billpay.

@devin hope these features are coming soon

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When I saw that Stessa did not natively support Zelle within the Stessa app, I thought, no big deal, I’ll just use the Zelle app which works with any Debit card. Unfortunately, Zelle only supports PERSONAL debit cards, and won’t work with BUSINESS debit cards :frowning:

Interesting, I didn’t know that you could use Zelle with just a debit card, but bummer that it wouldn’t work with Stessa accounts. I thought they were personal accounts. Another reason for Stessa to make zelle happen quickly.

To be honest the ONLY reason i have not moved all finances over to Stessa is because there is no Zelle options at this time. I receive some of my rents via Zelle and also have to pay for repairs, maintenance using Zelle. Without Zelle I just cant switch over to Stessa so I am hoping you all add this feature soon

I agree with this thread. I am struggling to find the most effective way to return deposits. Still keeping my other account for this and using Venmo. My CPA wants us off Venmo. I’d love a way to pay bills (such as the landscaper, etc. ) and return deposits out of my applicable accounts within Stessa.