Zelle & Billpay features ETA

@devin - can we get some idea of ETA for Billpay and Zelle features?

There are some lengthy threads about both and I know they’re in works but it would be nice to have some sort of an idea on timeline… will it happen this quarter, year, beyond?

I’ve taken the plunge and am attempting to use Stessa PRO as our primary banking but unfortunately without billpay and Zelle I can’t pay the city, contractors, and others that I need to pay ad hoc and on a recurring basis.

Venmo does work as an electronic payment service but unfortunately not everyone takes it.


I’m having the same issues, banks wont link or update. I’ve reached out to customer service was given the same response. Unfortunately we just switched to Pro this year, so i’m not very impressed.

I agree

I also have ran into lots of issues with only being able to pay $1500 per day. I had to pay my contractor for a bathroom remodel and I couldnt!