Auto transfer of funds out of Stessa Acct

Hi, I’d like a feature added that will auto transfer funds out of the Stessa cash accounts into our regular bank account. When tenants make payments through Stessa those funds have to manually be pulled out.


This would be great. I would like this too! Can’t believe how limited the cash management accounts are. You can’t really do much with them. I love that rent payments get automatically applied, but then your money is kind of hostage in there.

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I agree there is a lot that can be improved upon or added, but I do love that they’ve added the feature, especially for the high interest rate and cash back perks.

That being said, I agree with this idea. Even if it wasnt a transfer to an external account, I could have a “rents” account, and automatically transfer a set amount of money to a “reserve” account.

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Absolutely agree. Nowadays it is a standard feature for online bank accounts to have auto/recurring scheduled transfers.


This definitely needs to be added. I was very surprised yesterday when I went to set it up that it didn’t exist. I have everything automatically pulled from a checking account and I definitely don’t want to move that from multiple checking accounts to Stessa at this time because with multiple rentals, something always goes wrong in big migrations like that.

Please implement an auto transfer feature


This is a basic requirement for any business. I am re-thinking whether I can continue with Stessa without it.