Ability to manually link existing transaction to imported bank txn

I prefer to get all expenses & income entered ASAP (or I’ll likely misplace the receipts, hah) but if I do that and enter them manually, the automated bank connection tends to not automatically connect them if the dates are different. That’s an issue because my bank doesn’t log check deposits as the day I submit them but they day the funds are released, and charges show the date that it goes through, too… This results in me having to duplicate the details in the imported transaction to get the bank link correct, then delete the one I entered.

Could you add the ability to merge the automated transaction with one I already entered? Maybe suggest merge options based on equivalent expense/income amount and date (within a week?) or maybe major keywords in the Name field, etc.


I agree this would be great. I disconnected my mortgage bank accounts because they were double posting – once for the bank collecting, and once from my checking account.

I am actually trying right now to edit a previously entered expense to link it to one of the bank accounts so it will be included in a “quick search” of all transactions from that account. For example, we use one particular credit card from our personal banking to pay for some items related to this property. At the end of each month, I would love to be able to just “search XYZ account” transactions, total them up and write myself a check to reimburse for those expenses I’ve transferred into the program from this account. The problem now is: I entered the expense for $XYZ a month ago and did not have the option of indicating which bank account I paid for the item with and when I imported transactions manually from the other card, I missed that one. Can’t seem to go back and connect the two to make original expense included in the search of that account’s transactions.