Duplicate or bulk add

My bank is not among those which can be linked, I’ve put in a request for it but it’s not a huge deal, since most expenses go through business credit cards, which can be linked.

Still, I have regular recurring expenses through the bank account, and it would be nice for me, or for anyone who can’t or does not want to link their bank account, to have a few features:

  1. Bulk add. Since I’m in love with your software, I’m doing data-entry for all of this year’s data. Instead of having to enter in a rent payment 11 times, it would be nice to just enter the info, and tell the software that X renter at Y property paid Z rent on the first of every month.
  2. Remembering frequent vendors or charges. Regular rent or insurance payments, which are the same every month, could be saved. Maybe an option to send regular payments or incomes to a drop-down menu. So I’d go to “Add transaction”, there’d be a drop-down menu under “name” (which could be populated from elsewhere) and selecting the drop-down would then populate the rest of the fields. Leave them editable, of course, for small changes.

BUMP, would like to see an answer to this as well. Thanks

Thanks for the excellent suggestions. A similar active thread can also be found here:
Automate frequent manual transactions

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