Automate frequent manual transactions

Some manual transactions occur every month. Add a feature to repeat monthly or be able to copy/repeat frequent manual transactions and their info (similar to setting up auto bill pay/auto savings features with online banking). As is, I must retype all info for manual transactions although they occur every month.


@solomoninterests This request makes a lot of sense for investors who are entering transactions manually instead of connecting to their financial accounts for automatic updates. If others would like to see it implemented, click the heart on the original post to vote for it!

In the meantime, there’s actually a cheat you can do currently with the “Split” button, which will accomplish much the same thing. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to your Transactions page
  • Select the existing transaction you’d like to copy (click on the small box at far left)
  • Click the “Split” button near the upper right of the page
  • You’ll now see two iterations of your original transaction
  • Change one of the dates to your new desired date
  • Change both amounts to the original amount since the system “splits” them 50/50 by default
  • Click “Save”


Thanks for the reply. I will try the cheat and look forward to the new feature.

Or at least have it remember frequent payees…


I’ll try this for now. Look forward to the new feature when it arrives

@devin The cheat is a nifty workaround but it’s been many months already…where’s the new feature?!


I would also very much like to see this feature, but it’s definitely not just for people who add their transactions manually. Even for something as simple as a mortgage payment, I am having to mark it every time is goes out as far as which property it’s associated with.

To me there should be simple rules:

  • every time a debit posts from this vendor, associate it with Property A
  • every time a debit posts from this vendor in this amount, associate it with Property B
  • etc.

We’re pushing some new code this week that will automatically categorize a new transaction if there are already three (3) or more identical transactions previously categorized in the same way. This should help close the gap for those of you who have recurring monthly income or expense data with unique identifiers that aren’t currently getting picked up by our machine learning.

If the feedback on this new feature is positive, we then plan to extend the same logic to property assignment. We know this step can be time consuming for those of you that use a single bank account for more than one property.

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Thanks for this cheat, but this doesn’t work when there is a recurring split transaction. For example, my monthly insurance cost is let’s say $300. I have to split that across 5 properties. This happens every month. Currently I have to do the manual split each month. There should be an easy copy feature that takes out the manual effort. Pls help

How is this not an option? I have multiple reoccurring transactions coming out of one bank account, with different descriptions and categories. I also make payments with different sources. This sounds like an easy fix.

Hi Devin, this update does not seem to work for me, it does not automatically categorize any of my manual entered transactions.

Am I doing something wrong?

we need to be able to duplicate transcations, this is important to investors with 10+ properties and 50+ units.