Automate frequent manual transactions

Would love to see a recurring cost option!

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Has there been any more talk about this being a feature to be added? It would be really nice to add reoccurring items, such as pet rent, so that when that amount actually gets imported in to Stessa, it matches up with the rent + pet rent amount and can be categorized accordingly so you have more granular data on what was collected for pet rent and what was just normal rent.

I know a workaround was mentioned to just include the pet rent amount in the actual rent number in Stessa but for me and possibly others, this muddy’s the water and makes it unclear the base rent figure.


I don’t understand why this feature has not been added yet. Just duplicate the backend code you use for your typical “rent” and assign it to a check-box on the Charges form to allow for recurring charges. Stessa is a powerful tool for tracking my investment, but it needs some work to make it more useable for property management. I’m excited to see where they can take it from here…


Agreed! Such a simple option to give your customer their choice how to add their information.
Not everyone wants to link their accounts. Seems like this has been requested for a while and still nothing. This is the one of the main reasons my husband is still using Quickbooks vs Stessa.

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Add this feature to your next release please!! I’m manually going through monthly transactions and having to categorize the same monthly line items every.single.month

Want to offer constructive feedback here but this has been on the table for a while, since Oct 29th 2019 with 117 likes. How much more do you need to make this happen? How about a special holiday gift for your users :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!

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