Use "Split" feature as a "Copy" button

This workaround is no longer needed. Use the “Duplicate” button to create a copy.

Since we have not yet built a “copy” button for manually adding transactions, you can easily use the existing “Split” feature as a workaround. Just use the checkbox at far left to select the transaction you’d like to copy. Then click the “Split” button at upper right.

Use the pop-up window to make as many copies of the original transaction as you’d like, then adjust all the amounts to the original full amount of the income or expense. The pop-up will allow you to save your edits even if the amounts sum up to more (or less) that the original transaction.

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There is now a “Duplicate” button on the Transactions page, so this creative workaround is no longer recommended. In fact, the “Split” modal will soon be updated with new guardrails to ensure child transactions always add up to the original amount of the parent transaction.