Improved functionality for "Split" feature

In response to some excellent user feedback on the Wishlist, we’ve released an updated Split feature on the Transactions page.

New aspects include:

  • Updated design to better match Transactions page
  • Added running remaining balance calculation
  • Implemented even splits by default
  • Added property assignment picker inside the split modal
  • Clarified income vs expenses for improved usability
  • Disabled “Save” button when amounts do not sum properly

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 12.26.40 PM

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Thank you so much for adding this feature, I am a new user and new to rental property and this feature is already making things easier as I learn “all the things,” (and prepare for the CPA). As a YNAB user I could see this in my head and just thought I was missing it.

@jlcavestrust Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear the Split feature is paying dividends for you.

This is a great feature! If we could split by percentage it would be even better! That way people that have “home offices” can take the office square footage percentage and apply it to the home expenses that get shared with the office. This will help track the cost of home office expenses.