Add ability to "Split" transactions on the mobile app

It would be nice to have the split option within the mobile app. As of the date of this post, this feature only exists within the web interface.


That’s correct. Currently, the Split and Merge features are only available via the Transactions page when logged into the web version of Stessa

Enabling these transaction management features on mobile is possible if enough investors express a desire to see it happen. Vote for the original post if this is important to you!

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I agree I would really like to be able to split on the app. I have two properties totaling 4 units and am frequently splitting transactions. Thank you for considering Stessa!


I am happy to see other folks making this request on this forum. Being able to split a transaction on the mobile app would be a big win for folks that are on the go and want to use their “down time” to cleanup their transaction data.

I hope this reply helps support this improvement suggestion!

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Yes please! Splitting transactions on the app would be helpful. I’m often scanning meal receipts and need to split it up between properties. That’s super convenient to be able to scan it right there at the restaurant, but then frustrating to have to get on a computer to split it.

Yes ability to split in app would be wonderful!