Split function now supports up to 20 splits

We’ve released a few improvements to the “Split” function on the Transactions page. You can now execute up to twenty (20) splits in a single action. We’ve also improved the cursor behavior to make it easier to modify existing dollar amounts within the Split window. Give it a try!


How can I split a credit card charge into each property, at the end, it will not allow me to save the info; wasted hours and doesn’t save the splits, anyone know why not?
Thank you

@houseforrent45 Sorry you’re having trouble with the Split function. Please try disabling ad blockers and/or other browser plugins while using Stessa. These can sometimes interfere with certain features. Let us know if that solves the issue for you.

FYI: The split modal has been further improved with this week’s update. More info is available via a new post under Stessa News: Improved functionality for “Split” feature