Easy way to split transactions

It would be nice to be able to split transactions between properties, units, categories ect…

Rent is paid of $1,000.00
$950 is rent and $50 is a pet rent.

Put in $1,000 but be able to break down further if need be.

I have a mortgage payment that would be nice to be able to break down into a 50/50 split since it pays for two properties on one commercial loan payment. A prior software I used let me break transactions down this way. It has several uses.


@freedomrentalhomes Stessa absolutely has a “Split” feature. You’ll find the “Split” button near the upper right corner of your Transactions page once you select a single transaction.

To learn more, check out How to Split and Merge Transactions.

Thanks, @devin. You are correct and I completely forgot about it. Thank you.

I love the split feature but for me I would like the total amount on deposit de-restricted when I split. As an example lets say I receive a deposit form my property manger for 1800.00 dollars for two properties that rent for 1000.00 each. He has already taken his 10%. Currently I split the transition and record the rental despot but am restricted to enter the rent for the second property at 800.00 and then have to go back and modify. Its not big deal but if this amount as de-restricted as it was prior it would be beneficial for all property owners who have property management companies that take there slice of the pie first which I suspect is all…