Easy way to split transactions

It would be nice to be able to split transactions between properties, units, categories ect…

Rent is paid of $1,000.00
$950 is rent and $50 is a pet rent.

Put in $1,000 but be able to break down further if need be.

I have a mortgage payment that would be nice to be able to break down into a 50/50 split since it pays for two properties on one commercial loan payment. A prior software I used let me break transactions down this way. It has several uses.

@freedomrentalhomes Stessa absolutely has a “Split” feature. You’ll find the “Split” button near the upper right corner of your Transactions page once you select a single transaction.

To learn more, check out How to Split and Merge Transactions.

Thanks, @devin. You are correct and I completely forgot about it. Thank you.