Bulk edit with split function: Mortgage interest, principal, escrows

I’ve run in to a scenario where I’m importing a year+ of mortgage payments for multiple buildings and they aren’t itemized. However, I want to split them out between escrow, interest, and mortgage.

If the amount and payee are the same, I should be able to multi-select the transactions, hit split, and have it successfully apply to all 3. Also, being able to set the property from the split dialogue would be useful.


@keith Good suggestions all the way around. In the meantime, you may find it quicker to do your splits in Excel in advance, save as CSV, and then upload transactions already broken down. Up to you…

Also check out this similar request: Auto-calculate interest, principal, and escrows for mortgage payments

Also note that Stessa now supports up to twenty (20) splits in a single action. The previous limit of five (5) child transactions has been retired.