Auto-calculate interest, principal, and escrows for mortgage payments

It would be good to have a calculator for each property that auto calculated interest, principal, and escrow amounts on a loan payment. Given correct information on the loan (origination date, amortization schedule, interest, loan maturity, etc.), this could be easily accomplished.


Biggest reason I don’t use Stessa consistently is lack of built in calculations like this. Too manual to maintain without.

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This really is needed. Very unruly without it.

@manager1 @kbvantage @dugganrealestatellc Thanks for weighing in here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

We’ve now begun automatically splitting some imported mortgage payments into interest, principal, and escrows. Note that this is currently only supported for lenders that are directly connected to your Stessa account. Not all lenders are sending through the required details, but for those that do, you should now see your monthly payments broken down into their component parts.

If you’d like to benefit from this new feature, link your Stessa account to your lender now.


Great stuff, thanks :+1:

Thank you very much for the new feature auto splitting for mortgage details.

Do you have a list of lenders that this will work for? How do I know if my lender sends the details before connecting?

Also, do you have a way to manually input details and have the transactions auto categorize based on the amortization schedule?

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I borrow from private individuals.
Simple calculations, but there are a lot of them. Would love to have the computer do it , no bank involved

My linked account (Chase) supports the splitting and Stessa seems to do that properly. I also have the transaction from my savings account making the payment to chase. How should I categorize that transaction so I don’t double count?