Ability to Mark Unit Status as Inactive or Out Of Service

I have a 3 bedroom single family home. I originally was renting by the room. The tenants have moved-out and I will be renting it now as a single-unit.

The problem is: I do not see a way to mark my additional (unneeded) unit as “out of service.” I can mark the property itself as “out of service”, but not the individual unit.

I have spoken with tech support and they advised that I delete the extra unit, but deleting the unit, will permanently delete all associated data.

Because of this limitation, my options are to do 1 of the following:

  1. Delete the unit, which subsequently permanently and deletes all the associated data
  2. Keep the unit, which subsequently skews occupancy reports.

I wish there was a way to label a unit with a status which excludes that unit from occupancy numbers, and allows it to be available to use in the future if needed, along with retaining all associated historical data.

A few thoughts on unit status options:

  • Archived (hides unit from view, does not count towards occupancy numbers, but is able to be unarchived/restored for future use, and retains all associated historical data)
  • Out of Service (unit is still visible in the list, but does not count towards occupancy numbers, and retains all associated historical data)
  • Under Renovation/Repair

These statuses could also be beneficial for audits and historical timelines and may even be linked with the projects feature. Showing start/stop dates of projects or renovations and when property was in and out of service, etc. This would be a great reporting feature also.

!!!Deletion should be saved for erroneous entries!!!

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@jtgpropertiesllc I have a solution for you - add the property again. Stessa software is “stupid enough” that it doesn’t realize you’re adding the same property address. I just did it with one of my rentals before suggesting it. Add 123 main st again, set it up as a proper single family. You can also mark the original as sold if you’re concerned about your occupancy report. You’ll have to relink any financial accounts, etc.

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Thank you for the feedback! I will look into this further!