Ability to Navigate back to prior page

This piggybacks on my previous post about being able to edit rent payments from the Leases and Tenants page. When I click on any transaction on the Tenants page, instead of opening to that transaction, it takes me to the top of the Transactions page where I have to then scroll to find the transaction I wish to edit. This is horribly inconvenient.
Firstly it should open only the transaction I clicked on directly from the Tenants page. Secondly it should be editable from within the Tenants page.
Aside from that, once in the transactions page, in order to return to the rental history I am auditing, I must click on Tenants and Leases and then search to go back to the property and tenant I was originally looking at. The system should have a better means of returning to the page I was just on.

@gwilso3 I responded to your other post but I will provide a different comment here. When I click on transactions within the tenant ledger, that specific transaction opens on my screen. The issue may lie with your browser or any pop-up blocker.


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