Recording rent payments on the tenant ledger

When you open up the lease and tenant page for a specific renter and go to record a payment, is there a way for the transaction to auto-populate the payee with the tenant you have open?
Currently when I click “Record a Payment” it redirects me to “Transactions” and says, “Do any of these transactions belong to (address of tenancy)? If so, assign them to the unit. Otherwise, add a new transaction.” Is this normal for when recording payments?

Not a big deal, just wondering.


@bert323 No, all rent payment activity is sourced from the Transactions page, so that’s where you’ll want to record all rent received. The details will then flow through to your Leases & Tenants page and show up on the ledger. For more info on how it works, read Tenant Ledger: Track Charges, Payments & Balances by Tenancy | Stessa Help Center