Payments made before Move-In don't show on Tenant Ledger

While one tenant (A) was in the process of moving out tenant (B) who was going to move in had paid their last month rent (LMR) and security. The issue is the LMR shows up but doesn’t show as part of tenant B ledger. Tenant B paid on the 15th but the lease and move in doesn’t start until the 1st of the next month. So the LMR is showing as part of Tenant A. Should I just change the date on these transactions or delete and recreate them?

@saiphgroupllc You should be able to manage this via your Transactions page by assigning the actual payment to the proper tenant. This is necessary whenever the automatic assignment misfires, which can happen during lease changeovers. No need to delete or recreate anything.

Maybe I’m missing something with it being a SFH. The rent is classified as income - rent and assigned to the property, being a SFH no apt to set. Transactions before the move in date are gray on the tenant ledger, only changes I can make on the transactions is to edit the tenant name, otherwise its assigned to the house.

@saiphgroupllc Are you sure you have both tenants A and B set up as separate tenants on your Leases & Tenants page? You will only see the option to assign income to a tenancy once you have multiple tenancies entered into the system. Please also make sure that both tenants have a “Move-In Date” set and that the outgoing tenant also has a “Move-Out Date” entered.

Ok I got that sorted with the tenancy. Still think there’s an issue with pre-move-in money. The date the lease starts shows a $0 balance, but since they paid money before the lease start then shouldn’t the lease start show they have a credit as no charges were added until after the lease started.

Ok I figured it out. I was able to move the Ledger starting date to start from the first payment instead of the lease start.

Glad you’re all set here @saiphgroupllc.

Generally speaking, Stessa will make a few assumptions around lease dates, payments, and charges in order to populate the ledger. These are merely starting points and you will likely need to make various adjustments to the ledger start date, prorations, payment assignments, starting balance, etc. in order to reconcile everything according to your specific circumstances. This is expected.

Also be sure every tenant has a “Move-In Date” and that anyone who has vacated also has a “Move-Out Date,” as this will greatly improve Stessa’s ability to populate the tenant ledgers accurately.