How best to add an existing tenant to Stessa without it showing past rent as unpaid

Hi. Just joined. I’m having no trouble adding my properties and tenants, but when I put in the tenant’s start date (years before now), Stessa pretty much populates all the months of rent due and the default is that they look unpaid, when the tenant is current on their rent. I don’t want to re-enter the entire tenant ledger - I’d rather just start from today and save a screenshot of the prior ledger as an attachment. How best to go about this? Good question. Best practice here is to use the “Adjust Balance” feature to set a more recent “start date” for the tenant ledger in this scenario. This will align the timelines between the tenant ledger and actual payments logged on your Transactions page.

Also check out this help article for more info: Tenant Ledger: Track Charges, Payments & Balances by Tenancy