Add account information to transactions without linking accounts

It seems that it is not possible to add account information to a transaction unless you link a bank account. Is my understanding of how this works correct? If so, would it be possible to add a feature that allows you to track everything manually. I’d really rather track things manually and not link bank accounts and credit cards.


io1 - I scan receipts through the phone app and cannot seem to enter the bank account the expense was invoiced through even though there is an account column shown in my transaction. The only thing it seems that I can do is add the bank name in the notes. Can we get the account column to be editable?

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Yes, I think this would be useful. My partner and I are new to real estate investing. We use You Need a Budget (YNAB) for personal budgeting and expense tracking, and we started out using that for our real estate investing as well. We are now considering switching to Stessa for our real estate needs. Perhaps because we’re coming from YNAB, we expect some things to work in certain ways.

We both track things manually with YNAB. We know bank account information is supposed to be handled in a secure way via a third party with these sorts of services, but we would both still rather not give our bank account information to these sorts of services. Instead, we’d like to track things manually.

With YNAB, you can create accounts manually and give them starting balances. This does not seem possible to do with Stessa. It looks like if you want to track transactions manually, there is no way to add a bank account, credit card, or mortgage. I can add individual transactions, but I cannot associate a bank account with them. Moreover, if I add transactions manually, such as rental income or owner contributions, I cannot associate this with an account, and so it does not seem to show up on the balance sheet report that you can generate with Stessa, which is unfortunate.

So in addition to adding this feature for those who’d rather track things manually, it might also be useful to add for the purposes of the balance sheet reporting.

Maybe we’ll change our minds as we become more familiar with Stessa and get over our prior expectations because we’re coming from YNAB, but at this point, it still seems to me like this would be useful functionality to add.