Add account tracking for capital expense>solar, batteries, other qualified appliances

Need a way to easily track and account for Energy Tax Credit qualifying investments to a property.

Track depreciation of solar.

Following BRRRR I wish to claim Energy Tax Credits for solar, windows, etc. while the property is a primary residence.

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@stevenpatin, you’re not going to find these solutions in Stessa. Stessa’s focus is tracking and reporting property operating expenses. They are not built to track tax credits or depreciation expense. Some of their features will provide necessary information to your CPA or tax professional (reference the capital expense report). Stessa has a made it clear they will not provide services for your tax considerations. I hope this helps.

Good to know this is not on their radar. It would be great if the new pro version allowed more customization. Even if they did not directly support these type of tax accounts, it would not be too hard to give users the ability to add other capital accounts.