Autocomplete payee/payer names in manual transactions

Whenever I have to manually add a transaction, it is almost always for vendors I’ve entered before or that are imported from statements. It would be great if the payer / payee field supported autocomplete so that the name is consistent. It would also be great if there was a way to normalize names (e.g. if I have an ACME and ACME LLC payee, provide a way to normalize them all to ACME LLC).


Agreed, this could be as simple as having a directory with vendors, tenants etc.

yes, please add this feature!

If I am seeing this correctly this has been in the queue for 2 years. Just started using this yesterday and am floored by how good this is compared to other tools I have tried. But this is one of the first items I noticed. I don’t have all my accounts linked yet and that will help, but auto complete for manual transactions would help. I am backfilling manually for hundreds of transactions and auto complete would be very handy.

STESSA PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! One of my biggest pet peaves with the program is not having the payee field auto generated based on past transactions.

Seems like such an easy fix??

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The lack of this fundamental feature has been frustrating over the past couple years. Please add it. I cannot link my accounts, and a typo in a name might cause reporting errors.

So this was originally requested 4 years ago and does seem like some pretty standard functionality, disappointing to not see this type of feature added over such a length of time.

Agree, this would be useful and help speed up inputs.

Is there a way to poll for such requests in the community forum? It would give more prominence to such requests than comments.

And yes, doing an auto suggest just specific to the user would vastly improve input as it would make entering expenses a breeze. Doesn’t even have to be a service or database Stessa has to add for this purpose. If I have entries for Amazon 3 times and Chevron 5 times, the next time I start typing “A”, Stessa can easily suggest Amazon based on my previous entries which might be already being displayed in the list below (since the browser/mobile apps already has downloaded/displayed this data). This itself would be quite a time saver and get us more than 90% towards what is being asked here.

Good news! Autocomplete is now offered for the payee/payer “Name” field whenever you edit a transaction via the pop-up modal. To try it out, visit your Transactions page, select any transaction, and click the “Edit” button. When you start typing in the Name field, you’ll see a list of your common entries populate automatically.