Bring Back Old Dashboard View!

New dashboard is trash compared to old dashboard view! Please bring back the old version and/or provide ability to use new/old dashboard view.


I 10000% agree. The new dashboard removes all the metrics we have used to judge our portfolio for the last 4 years. Please give us updates on what will be added and how long we have to live with this “update”


Absolutely. The new dashboard is cheeks. I would happily pay for the old dashboard data. This new data does not help us track what we are looking for. Other than that love stessa.

@johnenemeth I agree on this one. Before the Stessa Pro update, you could get into the old dashboard through a backdoor in the properties tab. Can’t do that any longer. Things I hope are brought back.

  • toggle between current portfolio value and purchase portfolio value
  • dashboard display asset return/appreciation
  • dashboard display number of properties
  • dashboard display number of units
  • toggle between monthly and annual income
  • toggle between monthly and annual cash flow
  • Map was a nice feature

I usually print the dashboard to pdf and share it with partners on a quarterly basis. The new dashboard provides less than half the metrics as the old one. I hope Stessa plans on working on this!


They do, they plan on forcing you into the Pro $20/mo.

I do would like to have the old dashboard.
Some while ago there was toggle that you could switch back, but now is gone.

I miss the cap rate and NOI from the old dashboard… Would be nice if they allow us create our own widgets with some user entered formula