More in-depth reports, balance sheet, occupancy, vendors, etc

At this point, we need a new link/tab on the right just for reports. The link we have now is nice and useful but there are so many more reports that are needed to help with tracking a portfolio. Here are some examples but I am sure there are more. Occupancy rate over time (right now can only see current rate), Rental Income per property over time as a line graph, reports by vendor expenses, various balance sheets that can compare side by side items, ect… Other software on the market has much more in-depth and better reporting than Stessa and displayed without downloading a file. This is an area that Stessa could really shine in more. Overall, great product though!


Would also love to see a chart of NAV through time at the portfolio and property level

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That would be good 2!

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We’re considering adding a balance sheet report to Stessa, as requested above. The tricky part is that “balance sheet” often means different things to different investors. What exactly would you expect to see on a balance sheet for your properties in Stessa?

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The things that I would want to see are what a lender or bank would look at.
Assets- property, land, improvements, bank accounts, accounts receivable.
Liabilities- loans ( short and long), accounts payable

Equity- contributions ( initial capital invested in deal)

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Also the types of reports for tax purposes.