House flipping metrics

Stessa works great for tracking my rental portfolio business but when I add my transactions for flip properties it complicates the metrics and makes it look under performing. Can Stessa create a way to designate a property as either a rental or flip and then create separate graphs so I can measure the both businesses performance separately. This would also help me at tax time as both businesses are under different LLC’s


I think this would be a great idea!! I too have done a few flip properties and will definitely do more. I love the platform for rentals and have to manipulate everything for my flips, it would be great to have this one platform to allow me to manage both types of investments! That is worth a monthly subscription fee!


To word this differently, I’d like the ability to filter out my flip properties from the “net cash flow by month” graph located on the dashboard. I want to see all my rental property performances without the burden of flip property expenses.