Use actual transactions data to calculate Dashboard metrics

Loving this service, but I use it exclusively for my short term rental property. Almost everything works as it should, but I do not have a “rent roll.” I use dynamic pricing on a few different STR sites. I have as many as 20 different guests a month all paying different rates. As a result, my dashboard shows $0 for Income, NOI, negative cash flow, and 0% cap rate.

I suspect that rent roll values are currently being used to calculate these numbers. I would love it if the service could use actual income transactions to make these calculations instead.

My reports are all accurate, this is just nitpicky about the dashboard. I hope my request makes sense. Thanks for considering!


@thomas1 Thanks for the suggestions. I think there are actually two requests here: 1) make the dashboards dynamic based on actuals instead of pro forma, and 2) develop relevant dashboards for short-term rentals.

Yes, great summaries! Not sure how many Stessa users are short term rental investors, but those features would be awesome for people like me.

I actually would like #1, I use Stessa for a STR and a long term rental. It would be great to compare performance of both. Since Stessa does not do actuals, I use an Excel sheet to compare the performance, and I’m looking for a rental tracking tool that will help me understand how the properties are performing.

Just to be clear, Stessa does do actuals, via the Reports page, which includes a robust line up of key reporting features. These are all based on actuals from your Transactions page.

This Wishlist thread deals with the request to have more metrics based on actuals appear on the Dashboard.

I would also like to see actuals in the dashboard. When you have mainly short term rentals, the cash flow number is important, and a pro-forma isn’t super helpful on the dashboard.