Would like Cash Flow to be actuals not from rent roll

I started Stessa assuming that as I entered actual data, the dashboard would reflect how I’m performing. I have a LTR and a STR, and I would like the Cash Flow and Income to reflect my actuals, rather than what I entered for the property.



Yes, I used cozy for most of this year and downloaded all rent payments in bulk and uploaded to Stessa. I assumed it would use the transaction data but it appears to just use the rent role. Two of my units are short term rentals, so payments vary and need to be accurate. I need to check that the reports are reflecting actuals. Otherwise this is linked to only expense tracking and any income or ROI/cash on cash metrics are bogus. They also won’t account property for vacancies, late fees or other income of every type.

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@jennifer_sd & @monpetchproperties I have had not a problem with this on the dashboard. The actual monthly cash flow is the white dot on the line graph. I have LTR & STRs. Net Cash Flow (Actual) vs Net Cash Flow (Pro Forma)

Thanks. Yes, I can roll over the chart (although its a bit finicky). It would be preferable if it was at the top of the dashboard as those numbers are easier to see.

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I second the request for actual cash flow vs proforma.

That makes sense. I agree it could be more upfront in your face since that is a very important metric.

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Disappointed to find out that the numbers on the Dashboard tiles are not Actuals. Not sure what is the logic of showing ProForma #s there. Seems like the developers/UI/UX folks were not speaking to real Real Estate investors. I like the overall functionality of Stessa but this is feature (or lack thereof) is a deal breaker for me

I too think this would be valuable from a filter perspective. Allow the user to see the pro-forma financial details, or toggle to the actuals based on transaction history.


Yes, everyone would want to know the actual data instead of factual data. Pro Forma is nice to know on demand, but has a much lower priority of usage.

Second, cash flow breakdown should be available for individual property to see how each one is performing.

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100% agree that actuals would be more valuable to me than pro forma. Maybe a slider at the top to compare actuals against pro forma.