Dashboard pro-forma, net operating income metric, net cash flow chart

Hello everyone,

I have set up Stessa for three properties and am thrilled to have a better view of my business than my old manual spreadsheets. One thing I would like to see, that I had built in excel was a view of the pro-forma numbers. I see we have a pro-forma monthly cash flow, but it is impacted dramatically by things like a new mortgage and significant renovations activity.

I recently took a loan for the purpose of making renovations, and have been spending at a rapid pace for some upgrades and overall refresh of the property. But these large temporary swings skew my monthly cash flow picture. So I must maintain the spreadsheet for this purpose.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to categorize these type transactions so they do not affect pro-forma?


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Still working to better understand the dashboard reporting for pro-forma…

It appears the pro-forma on the Net Cash Flow by Month graph on the dashboard is a simple average, and not a pro-forma number. Can anyone clarify this?

Related, there is a Net operating Income for individual properties, which appears by the description to be more of a pro-forma indicator. However, this box only appears on the dashboard for “all properties” and not for individual addresses. Is there a way to see this broken out for each property?

Thanks for any input!

@cartlin The Net Cash Flow chart on the Dashboard is a reflection of actual results based on the data from your Transactions page. The dotted line on this chart is a simplistic pro-forma (budget) net operating income projection. It is based on your current pro-forma expense assumptions, mortgage payments, and rent roll.

The NOI metric contained in the widget near the top of the Dashboard is in fact a reflection of pro-forma budget expectations only. This metric is only available on an individual property basis and is not currently supported for Portfolios.

Hope that helps!

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