Property Manager?

Although I am an investor but I have one property (short term rental) that I manage for someone else.

Do I show rental income like my own properties? I would rather not see that in dashboard as my income.
Secondly, when I do owner distribution, it doesn’t show in dashboard?

So basically I seen inflated cash flow, when that is not my income?


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I’m also interested in the answer to this question. I’d really like to see more ability to include a property management entity in Stessa. I do this now as a separate Portfolio that has no properties, however it would be great if Stessa includes the ability to treat this as a separate operational entity.

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I’m in this same boat. I have properties that are managed by others, but I also manage properties for people locally. I’m trying to figure out how to list property owner rent distributions vs my own distributions to have it all logged correctly. Currently, most of the properties I have listed in Stessa are ones I’m managing for others and I’m trying to figure out what’s possible in Stessa.

I wonder if if you set your ownership percentage for the property you manage to 0% would solve any of your issues.