Multiple owners, contributions and distributions

We have an LLC with three partners, at different percentage ownership. I understand how to do this under collaborators settings for each property. But when I do owner distribution/contributions is it possible to differentiate? Shouldn’t I be able to get a report of the distributions/contributions and see the breakdown by owner? Then I could make sure the distribution percentages are correct.


Curious about this as well. Were you able to figure it out?

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Good question. This type of investor-level tracking is not currently supported on Stessa. We’ll go ahead and move this thread over to the Wishlist, so other investors can chime in and/or vote for the original post as desired.


Yes! We would love joint ownership options to track different investor contributions and distributions! Would also love a feature that allows you to tag a particular expense to one or all of the joint owners for tax purposes later (ie: property tax payment = Owner 1, rental income = Owner 2, maintenance/repairs/capital expenses = split between owners)


I have a few multi-property portfolios with varying levels of investment from different investors. Is it possible to do this on a portfolio level? Or am I only able to do it for each property?

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@will – I only buy packages like this through Partnerships and set it up this way:

  • Portfolio Naming = LLC General (confirmed by my CPA) for anything that’s split across the portfolio (I have all debt service under the LLC as well
  • “Transfers > Owner Contributions” for the $++ into the LLC checking account
  • “Transfers > Closing Costs” for that aligns with the loan settlement statement

This leaves the equity cleanly on the balance sheet for each partner to simply calculate their equity position through the % in the OpAg.

Hope this helps and @devin I would be super interested in chatting with you further on driving Stessa into the focus of the other portfolio owners that I know.

@boiseboundbnb – You’d be able to track by having each owner contribute these amounts by transferring to your LLC account and accurately naming each of these contributions. This will make it super simple for your CPA to filter where needed.