How to manage distributions from property management company

My property has a manager. They receive the rent, $1000, from the tenant, deduct their fee, $100, and send me a distribution monthly. How do I record this type of payment? I’m only receiving $900 in the transaction.


Are you receiving the $900 into your transactions via a linked account? I do mine manually, and account for the entire income of $1,000 (in your example), and then add an expense for management of $100. I suspect you’d be able to go in an edit your linked transaction to increase it up to $1,000 and then add a new one. This issue is actually the reason I’m doing all of mine manually anyway. If I’m going to have to go back in an edit a linked transaction… I figured I may as well enter it the way I want to in the first place.

What I do is modify the transaction by splitting it. In your case, I would split it into a positive $1000 (categorize this as ‘rent’) and a negative $100 (categorize it as management fee). This way the transaction is still $900 and you’re tracking both entries.