Import data from Buildium

I’d like to see Stessa support more property manager integrations, specifically Buildium.


I have to agree, I would like to see Buildium integration into stessa. This is one of the main dislikes of stessa that it is still not working with other property management software.

Vote +1 buildium


Agree on supporting buildium


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Yep, this would be handy.

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Agreed I’d like to see that too!

Devin - can we atleast import the statement pdf from Buildium manually and have Stessa categorize the transactions (similar to how you guys did it for appfolio to workaround the 2-factor auth issue)? I wonder/wish if there’s a standard template for all PM software to render their statements to…

I’d like to see a buildum onterface

Agree. It would be nice to see the integration with Buildium.

I’d also like to see Buildium integration. That would make Stessa much more usable for me.

Ditto. Would find Buildium integration very helpful.

For those importing csv’s from buildium, are you using the standard owner statement or something else? ive had so many issues with the owner statement.

Oh yea… Plus 1 for buildium integration

Looks like it’s been a year since the initial request to support Buildium. Any updates? Is this something you’re working towards or has there not been enough interest expressed to justify it?

I agree. My partners and I love Stessa but absolutely need Buildium import functionality to actually use it.

Buildium integration into Stessa would be huge! Buildium’s platform is primarily PM focused and geared towards macro accounting. Stessa is owner focused and allows for strategic decision making on the micro level. Integration solves a huge gap!

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I wanted to urge the Stessa crew that having Buildium integrated would be super and help greatly. I promise to recommend Stessa in the coming year. :slight_smile:

Can we get a response from Stessa? We don’t know if you hear us or care what your customers want. Do you listen to your customers? Is there a plan? We want to be heard.

@devin any updates on this?

Thanks everyone for expressing interest in seeing support for data imports from Buildium on Stessa. As of today, the original post has 26 votes. While this places the request among the more popular new feature requests, a Buildium integration is not yet on our near-term road map.

Other more popular Wishlist items are currently in development for release in the next few months, so we cannot yet commit to any specific timeline for supporting Buildium.

Just another +1 for Buildium data import.

I have property managers who use Appfolio, I have property managers who use Buildium, and I’m sure I’ll have other property managers who use some third or fourth system.

I need somewhere that I can import everything into one place and see what’s happening regardless of which system my various PMs are using. I thought Stessa was going to be this solution, but lacking Buildium integration is a huge bummer. I love the Stessa interface and functionality, but imports for other sources is critical. I don’t want to go back to Excel…